Varsity Cross Country · Novi XC Brings Home 2 League Championships

League Finals 2021 at Ramona High School

March 6th 2021

It has been a season full of challenges and breakthroughs. We only had 3 races and practice was broken up throughout the season. It took a lot to keep this team unified throughout the season, but under the leadership of some of our upperclassmen our team persevered. The team competed once again at Ramona High School. After one month from our first race we made tremendous progress and we were able to keep our season undefeated. League finals was different this year where each team competed against just one other school. Once all the races were over we would combine the team times and conduct the team scores.

Our first race was the girls race against Patriot XC. It was going to be a challenge to race because we had to race for time and not just competition. Oftentimes the race times are faster when you can compete next to people, but this time we had to visualize who was in front of us. The ladies had a much more difficult time because they had to race Patriots only female runner. Arlington and Hillcrest had strong packs in the front, so we had to keep their abilities in mind. We executed a plan that would help us secure a strong position in the league. Amelia Mercado (11), Ashley Magana (10), Citlaly Ruiz (10), and Emily Cardenas (10) worked together to stay ahead of the Patriot athlete and share the lead to allow for other athletes to draft and conserve energy to go all out in the last mile. They executed this plan extremely well and placed out top 4 athletes in the top 10 of the league. Hope Brookins (9) made her racing debut to round out our top 5 scoring. Nearly all of our ladies had season best performances and personal best for that course. Daniela Rocha (11) set a goal to break her previous personal record of 23:36 and crushed it at this race with 23:00.4. We are incredibly impressed with our ladies abilities to stay together and push each other to defend their league title and come out on top making a back to back championship. 

Our boys race came later and they as well had to race Patriot XC. Before going into the race Patriot was favored to beat us by over 10 points. We set a plan and it was executed

 yet again as a team. Ernesto Ruiz (11) came 2nd overall in the league to help us stay well in the front. Anthony Torres-Martinez (11) had a major breakthrough race and dropped his distance personal record by over a minute keeping him in the top 5 for the league. Eric Olivo (12) and Carson Menter (11) or number 3 and 4 kept themselves in front of Patriots number 3, which gave us a huge advantage in our total score. Edgar Brito Villegas (10) a wild card on our team who had been making huge gains in his first season rounded out our

 top 5. While Patriot’s number 5 runner came in well before him, we would not know the results of the winner till the very end. It all depended on how many athletes would come in before our number 5. This was the nail biting feature of this style of competition. Once the results of the last race were processed, it was shown that we beat Patriot by just 1 point. This was the boys first League title in 10 years. We have been close the last couple years, but we had

 finally pulled it off. All of the boys teams had season best performances. Julian Cardona (10), Abraham Guerrero (9), Tristan Jauregui (9), and Amyr Honorato (9) had broken their personal records. 

We are incredibly proud of our 2 teams for persevering through

these difficult times. They showed courage in competition by challenging everyone who ran next to them this season. We also say goodbye to our seniors and it is incredibly difficult to say goodbye to our seniors who have been with us since their freshman year. We are grateful to Jessica Ramirez, Eric Olivo, Giselle Navarro, Javier Ruiz, Julia Ramirez, Raul chavez, and Annhie Rios who have stayed with us through it all. It may not have been the senior year you imagined, but all of your leadership and passion have given us all inspiration to continue the legacy for future teams.