Varsity Cross Country · A Victorious Return to Racing

Ramona Dual Meet 

Feb 6th 2021

What a year it has been for our runners. March 7th 2020 was the last time our distance/cross country athletes were able to put on the Novi jersey and compete. We set school records in some relays and were excited for the season to come. Sadly that following week we were told we needed to take time off to protect our community from Covid-19. Months of possible dates to run together again and opportunities to run again only to have to take time off once again. This process grew troublesome for our athletes fitness and mental strength. Regardless we finally had the opportunity to run a race again. We met at Ramona High School on February 6th with modifications to our race schedule and rules. Not one of our athletes complained, but instead were excited to just be able to compete again. 

Our first race was our girls. Our team was led by Amelia Mercado (11) who led the race right from the beginning and finished in first place. She has made a substantial come back remaining injury free and looking strong. We are excited to see what she will be able to accomplish this year. Ashley Magana (10) came in right after Amelia finishing 2nd overall also looking strong and ready to accomplish more this season. Citlaly Ruiz (10) was our 3rd place overall finisher who worked her way up the race and worked well with our fellow girls. Nataly Joya (10) and Makayla Koshmerl (11) rounded out our top 5 scoring finishing 5th and 6th overall. Great prospects from this race came in the form of our ladies finding pairs to work together with throughout the race. Excited to see how these ladies defend their league title at league finals this year. 

Our second race was our boys team. It was led by Ernesto Ruiz (11) and Eric Olivo (12) who were working together for a majority of the race to fight Ramona’s number one guy. While they were not successful, we got a glimpse of what they will be able to accomplish given more time to get in shape before League Finals. Carson Menter (11) had a great break through race by setting a new personal record of 17:43. Anthony Torres (11) and Kris Menter (11) rounded out our scoring 5. Even though we could not train all of December and the beginning of January, our boys were able to maintain their fitness and show a lot of potential to get faster these coming weeks.  

Overall both teams came home with a victory over Ramona. It was a great opportunity to shake off the rust of not having competed in so long. Super excited to see what this team will be able to accomplish in the coming weeks. Our next race will be against Arlington on February 20th.