Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Gets Medals and Personal Best at Brea

Brea, CA- Cross Country got up early to compete at the Brea Invitational. This race offered a unique set up with the varsity races being split up between varsity runners 1 & 2 who race against the fastest two runners each team has to offer. Then it is the fastest 3-5 and then the rest of the runners on the team together in one race known as the 6+ race. They break up soph-frosh similarly by doing the fastest 5 runners in one race and the rest of the athletes in a separate race. This style of meet gives the opportunity for some runners to get pushed in a competitive race. 

Our first race was the varsity 6+, which started with Giselle Navarro (11), Dulce Aguilera (12), and Nancy Aparicio(12). Giselle ran a great race finishing in the top 25 and set a new distance personal record at 23:53. Dulce and Nancy both had strong finishes all the way to the end. The varsity 6+ boys were Javier Ruiz (11), Raul Chavez (11), Edwin Lopez (12) and Matthew Merino-Espinoza (11). Javier led the pack with an incredible 5 minute improvement. That margin of improvement is often times unheard of in this sport and shows how much work he has put in. Raul also made a significant improvement of 20 seconds to finish strong. 

Makayla Koshmerl (10) and Emily Cardenas (9) took on the challenge of the varsity 1 & 2 race which they held their own in by placing in the top 20 to medal. In the boys 1-2 race we had Ernesto Ruiz (10) and Mario Arce (12) who competed well throughout the whole race. Ernesto finished 6th with a sub 16 min 5k and Mario finished 11th with a 16:34. 

In the Varsity 3-5 race, we started with the ladies team of Bianca Rivas (12), Johari Jauregui (11), and Julia Ramirez (11). Bianca had an incredible race running a season best pace and getting a personal best by nearly a minute in the 5k finishing in top 11. Johari also set a personal record by nearly a minute in the 5k race. Julia rounded out the race walking away with a personal record of her own at 24:42 in the 5k. On the boys side we had Ivan Vargas (12), Adrian Marquez (11) and Raul Ramirez (12). Ivan had a great race being the only non Brea runner to finish in 4th place setting a personal record in his 5k at 17:04. Both Adrian and Raul had season best performances that shows the continued improvement the team has been making. 

Finally we have the frosh-soph races which started with 6+ race and we had Sofia Hernandez (10), Angelica Casas (10), and Daniela Ramirez (10). Sofia had an incredible race finishing in the top 10 with a 24:57, which was a personal best for her. Angelica finished in 11th place with a 51 second personal best showing that she keeps getting better and better. Daniela made her 5k debut with a 32:23. The boys were next with one of the biggest teams in the field at 10 boys racing. Giovanni Duran (10) made his long awaited debut with a 18:59 putting him in a top position on our boys team. Kris Menter (10), Dexter Bocanegra (9) and Emmanuel Reyes (9) all finished one after another all setting personal best, season best performance, and all in the 20:40s. Saul Castellanos (9) set a new distance personal record by over a minute. 

The frosh-soph 1-5 races had the girls team of Ashley Magana (9), Nataly Joya (9), Amelia Mercado (10), Citlaly Ruiz (9), and Viollette Valencia (9). Both Ashley and Nataly set distance personal records in the 5k. All 5 of the ladies made it into the top 35 making all 5 medaling in this race. In the boys 1-5 race we had the team of Gabriel Mendez (10), Anthony Torres-Martinez (10), Carson Menter (10), Peter Pineda (10), and Mark Landa (9). The top 3 in the group Gabriel, Anthony, and Carson all medaled in this race as well as setting the distance personal best. Peter and Mark also had incredible performances and set new personal best as well. 

The Brea Invitational proved to be a successful race for our team and showed that the team is making some incredible progress. Our next invitational will be at Glen Helen Park in San Bernardino on Oct. 12th from 8am to 12pm.